DevOps Simulation

About this course

Our real-world role-based simulation brings to life the challenges teams face when working in silos. It reflects the ‘old normal’, where people work in isolation and struggle to deliver value to the customer.

Through a cycle of continuous improvement, the participants discover for themselves ways to improve:

  • Their ability to collaborate
  • The practices they use
  • The processes they rely on
  • The technology that enables them
  • Their overall performance

Audience profile

  • Executive buy-in to DevOps initiatives
  • Engaging Development Teams
  • Engaging those involved in Service, Process & Integration roles
  • Engaging Operations
  • Engaging the wider business
  • For tool and services vendors promoting DevOps solution

Round 1: Chaos

  • Work is badly organised, teams are disconnected and isolated, progress is slow, and errors are frequent and significant. Ultimately the business performs poorly in market

Round 2: Improved

  • Work is organised, prioritised and tracked. Development, testing, and operations teams are more aligned, identifying errors earlier in the cycle and resolving these quickly. The customer is engaged throughout the process and more value is delivered to the business.

Round 3: Optimised

  • Automation and virtualisation technologies deliver greater throughput and increased quality. Technical debt is managed and reduced. Teams are well aligned, not just with each other but with the business.