Uncover big picture: from business goals to user stories ready for development and back


Workshop helps building stable approach for value delivering using agile methods. Usually, backlog in novice agile teams are flat and big, which impedes from bringing value and being really flexible. This course shows the ways to satisfy stakeholders, fight huge flat backlogs, and provide framework to slice user stories by value.

Impact mapping, user story mapping are in focus of this training. Also helpful techniques for product Owners and agile business analysts are presented – stakeholder classification, trade-off sliders, patterns for decision making, facilitation hints for workshops.  Course is oriented towards business analysts and product owners.

Duration – 2 days.

Topics covered

  • Common ways to waste time and money: examples and reasons
  • Putting value ahead: impact map structure
  • Zone of Control and Sphere of Influence
  • Add dimensions to flat backlog: user story mapping
  • Build MVP: what did it took to get there?
  • Create a map for a live product
  • Slice a cake – user stories get to Ready
  • stakeholder classification
  • patterns of decision making
  • workshops facilitation good practices
  • Example mapping