The course, aimed at systems administrators and IT professionals looking to get started on an OpenStack Cloud deployment, this three days course provides an intensive mix of lectures, demos with individual labs and group exercises.

The course provides:

  • an OpenStack overview & architecture. It covers: the project goals and use cases; basic operating and deployment principles; cloud usage patterns, with an OpenStack codebase overview; creating networks/tenants/roles; cloud networking; and OpenStack tuning and troubleshooting.
  • a review of cloud storage, and moving on to OpenStack in Production. It covers: deploying OpenStack for real-world use, and practice of OpenStack operation on multiple nodes; Swift Object Storage use cases, architecture, capabilities, configuration, security and deployment; advanced topics in deployment and production operations workshop; comparison of VMware with OpenStack; and a look ahead to the OpenStack roadmap.

Target Audience
– Technical IT Professionals
– Systems Administrators
– Systems Architects
– Basic Linux command line
– Basic Virtualization concepts
– Basic Networking concepts

Course Syllabus: Lecture, demos and group exercises.

Module 1: OpenStack Overview
– Overview of project history and releases
– Core projects overview (Nova, Glance, Keystone, Swift, Quantum, Cinder)
– Nova architecture overview
– VM provisioning walkthrough
LAB 1-4: OpenStack basic operations: Create, manage, and access Virtual Machines. Create and manage images. Create and manage volumes.

Module 2: OpenStack Networking
– Overview
– KVM networking with Linux bridges
– Single-host vs multi-host networking
– The role of Network Manager
– Different Network Manager types
– Floating Ips
– Traffic Flow
LAB 5-8: OpenStack Networking and Admin operations: Create and manage networks. Security groups and Floating Ips. Administering Tenants and User permissions.

Module 3: Swift
– Project overview
– Usage and use cases
– The Ring, RingBuilder, partitioning
– Account, container and object servers
– Replication
– Security/ACLs
– Deployment and Operations
LAB 9: OpenStack Swift Operations: CRUD on Containers and objects. Uploading in segments. Adding
metadata to Objects.
LAB 10: Break n Fix Session: Instructor will introduce breaks to the system and students will be
testing their skills at resolving OpenStack problems

Module 4: OpenStack in production
– OpenStack HA (High Availabiliity) Overview
– OpenStack monitoring
– OpenStack Physical deployment
– OpenStack cluster testing
– Deployment tools overview
LAB 11: Multi-node OpenStack: Converting individual environments to all in-one cluster.

Module 5 – Optional Topics
– OpenStack/VMWare gap analysis
– Community activity and future roadmap

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