Microservice Testing Efficient at Scale

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Course overview:

Cloud & Microservices, have been buzzwords within IT for the past years now. More of us get confronted with these new technologies that seem to get more important every day.

This also has a big impact on how we test the integration between these microservices. Every integration has more integrations that creates more dependencies. During this workshop we will provide a Hands-on experience with ‘Contact testing’.  And show you how to make Microservice testing possible and efficient at scale with the use of PACT.


After this workshop learned what contact testing is, why you should use it and how to start with it within your own organization.

Target audience

This workshop is targeted at the more technical testers, developers and DevOps engineers. Participants should have a little bit of coding understanding and some knowledge on integration testing

Technical requirements

Participants should have a laptop with a NodeJS environment (LTS version). Preferably with admin rights so that install commands are possible. Also, a network connection is required to download the prepared workspace to the local drive.

Duration: 1 day


The times behind the parts are minimal times, with bigger groups we sometimes take a bit longer.

Part 1: Learn about the basics in ‘Contact Testing’  (1u)

  • Meet & greet
  • What is contact testing?
  • Why should you use it?
  • How does it work? (Theory)
  • What is PACT and what can it do for you?

Part 2: Contract test the Consumer (1,5u)

  • Learn to write a contact test
  • Create a contract test
  • Create pipeline
  • Test & Deploy the Consumer

Part 3: Deploy a Provider (1,5u)

  • Learn to write a contact verification test
  • Create a contract verification test
  • Create pipeline
  • Test & Deploy the Provider

Part 4: Strength of working with contract testing (1u)

  • Find an integration issue specific to contract testing
  • How to debug and fix an integration issue
  • A successful deployment
  • Future of Contact Testing & PACT
  • Questions, Tips & Ending