Lean Startup techniques for Agile team


Lean Startup movement brings ideas and techniques to build valuable products in environments with high uncertainty. Key concept of lean startup movement is MVP – Minimum Viable Product, which aims to check critical assumptions and risks with minimum effort. Junior agile practitioners see no up-front work on product, but in practice there is some. Course looks into Lean Inception, technique to build a robust plan for MVP and align key stakeholders around it. We will go through key steps of Lean Inception and also get to know advanced facilitation techniques which extract crowd wisdom and put it to actionable plan. Course is oriented towards business analyst, project managers, junior product managers.

Duration – 2 days.

Topics covered:

  • Lean Startup, business model canvas, customer value proposition
  • Product vision
  • High level scoping/descoping
  • User modeling and research – personas
  • Product feature discovery
  • Aligning business and technology
  • Modeling user journeys
  • Planning and MVP canvas
  • Facilitation techniques for face to face and virtual environments