MSP Foundation & Practitioner Blended eLearning with examination

This blended learning product will take you through the MSP method to practitioner level, via the foundation level. The MSP Foundation and Practitioner are the first and second of the three MSP qualifications and are a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to pursue MSP Advanced Practitioner certification.


It is a requirement that all candidates provide evidence that they meet the Exam pre-requisite on the day of the Exam. These will be checked before sitting the exam and if a candidate cannot provide sufficient evidence they will not be permitted to sit the exam. Acceptable forms of evidence are;

  • Delegates can provide a copy of their examination certificate
  • Confirmed entry in the Axelos Successful Candidate Register



  • identify and document the vision of a programme, thus aligning it to the strategic aims of the business
  • coordinate the projects of a programme to ensure the correct application of resources and risk, issue and change management
  • interface the programme with the day to day business to ensure the smooth transition of changes delivered by a programme into business as usual activity
  • ensure that the benefits that the programme was designed to deliver are achieved.
  • understand the facts, terms and concepts relating to each theme
  • understand how each governance theme relates to the principles
  • understand the approach to the treatment of each governance theme
  • appreciate how each governance theme is applied throughout the transformational flow
  • understand the responsibilities involved in each governance theme
  • apply and tailor the relevant aspects of each governance theme to a given scenario
  • identify, analyse and distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate application of each governance theme in a given scenario
  • application of MSP in an exam environment


MSP philosophy and structure

  • What is a programme and how it differs to both business as usual and project work
  • Relationship between the MSP principles, governance themes and the transformational flow

The 7 MSP principles

  • Remaining aligned with corporate strategy
  • Leading change
  • Envisioning and communicating a better future
  • Focusing on benefits and threats to them
  • Adding value
  • Designing and delivering a coherent capability
  • Learning from experience

The 9 MSP governance themes

  • Organisation
  • Vision
  • Leadership and stakeholder engagement
  • Benefits management
  • Blueprint design and delivery
  • Planning and control
  • Business case
  • Risk and issue management
  • Quality and assurance management

The 6 MSP® Transformational Flow Processes

  • Identifying a programme
  • Defining a programme
  • Managing the tranche
  • Delivering the capability
  • Realizing the benefits
  • Closing a programme

Recommended study period for this eLearning is approximately 22.5 hours