APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) eLearning with examination

This eLearning course provides you with broad, self-paced training to prepare you for the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification examination, aligned to the 6th edition of the APM Body of Knowledge, without the additional costs and time requirements associated with attending a traditional classroom based event.

Once purchased, the eLearning and associated exam are active for a 12-month period only, you are required to have sat your exam within this timeframe.

This course will enable you to:

• Appreciate all 10 learning outcomes and 61 assessment criteria of the APM syllabus for this course
• Identify and select the necessary tools, best practice techniques and control mechanisms to manage a project
• Demonstrate an understanding of the phases of a project life cycle
• Design a project management team
• Practice exam style questions, with topic specific mini quizzes, module level tests and a mock exam.

Written by professional project management trainers with industry leading expertise, and extensive experience of using the APM approach, this is an immersive series of modules which combines tutorials, exercises, and practice questions.

Technical Requirements:

You are advised to check you have the correct technical system requirements to run this eLearning product.

Target Audience:

It is suitable for those looking for an understanding of project management or people who are not directly involved in Project Management but wish to understand project management processes and key terms. It is also ideal for Project Managers who wish to gain the APM Project Fundamentals Certification as a precursor to more advanced certification such as the APMP.


No prior knowledge is required for this certificate. You should expect to undertake at least 15 hours of eLearning (provided) in order to be fully prepared for the examination.

  • Explain project, program and portfolio management
  • Understand the phases of the project life cycle
  • Define a project’s context
  • Define project success criteria
  • Define a project organization structure
  • Understand the importance of stakeholder management
  • Identify and manage risks and issues
  • Produce a business case
  • Scope a project
  • Apply quality management techniques
  • Collate a project management plan
  • Apply change control mechanisms
  • Recognize the importance of configuration management
  • Communicate effectively

Module One: Course Introduction
Module Two: Project Structure and Governance
Module Three: Communication and Team Leadership
Module Four: Planning
Module Five: Scope Management
Module Six: Resource Management
Module Seven: Risk and Issue Management
Module Eight: Project Quality Management

Suggested Approach:

Complete the eLearning in the order of the modules, making sure that all concepts are reviewed and fully understood.

When you have completed all core modules a sample exam paper with APM Project Fundamentals style questions included for you to practice under exam conditions. Re-do the eLearning for any area you are still not comfortable/confident with and remember, tutor support is available.

This eLearning product includes as classroom based examination:

The APM Project Fundamentals examination will be booked at a QA Centre most convenient to you. The APM Project Fundamentals examination consists of:

60 multiple choice questions
60 minutes
You require a minimum of 36 marks out of 60 (60%) to pass